Quick Fix: Dishwasher Silverware Basket

Quick Fix for a Broken Sliverware Tray: Image shows a broken dishwasher silverware basket and the zip ties used to fix it.

Total Spent on Materials: $2.39.

Cost to Fix: 36 cents.

I love my shiny new(-ish) steel dishwasher. It came with the house and is by far the fanciest dishwasher I have ever lived with. Now that I’ve had this taste of luxury, I never want to live without a dishwasher again.

A view of the dishwasher showing the interior with the bottom tray pulled out.

It’s not all bliss though. The problem is the dishwasher’s silverware basket, the two outside compartments have pointless “lids” intended as hanging racks for utensils.  Do you have those? Don’t you hate them? I do. They seemed to be flopped closed every time I go to load the dishwasher. Also, when I do a load I want to cram in as many utensils as possible in every available bit of space, the lids just get in the way.

Everyone else loading the dishwasher avoids the lidded compartments too, favoring the middle two compartments instead, and all that extra use in the middle has broken holes in the bottom slats. Utensils fall through the holes and catch when you try to slide out the bottom tray, keeping the tray from gliding out. It’s the kind of little thing that makes you want to have a temper tantrum.

Close up View of Broken Silverware Basket

I thought about just replacing the silverware basket entirely, but didn’t feel like spending $19 for a new one. Instead, I went to Home Depot and spent $2.39 including tax on a 20 pack of 8 inch zip ties. Then I came home and tried my hand at zip tie basket weaving.

A collage of 4 photos showing the 8 inch zipties used in this project.

I used just three zip ties to mend the holes, and they work perfectly. No more utensils jamming the tray.  Now when I empty the dishwasher I get a little thrill of satisfaction knowing that I fixed this problem without having to throw out the basket and buy a new one.

Photo showing the zip ties weaved between the broken slats of the

Close up photo showing the zip-ties woven through the bottom of the silverware basket.

– Christin