A view of my ikean kitchen counter with strawberries and Frida Kahlo looking down from above.
Welcome to my first post!

This site is intended to be a treasury of things I and my friends do to save money, live well, and eat healthy. The food and projects are as easy and time-saving as we can make them without losing quality, and we’ve tried to document it all in a way that is clear and concise.

We’d love it if you tried out some of the stuff we do, with any luck our leg work saves time and money for you. More than that, we hope this site inspires you with your own great ideas on how to save and live well.

You can find more details on our about page.

Like the butcher block counter? I love it. It’s a piece from Ikea and you can read about how we fit it in to our kitchen here.

Best, Christin