Life Gave Me Lemons

When life gives you lemons...take them to work and put them in a bowl.

Walk into any office break room in the Bay Area and chances are you will find a bowl of homegrown lemons (or worse, a plastic bag of lemons) sitting on the counter with a note saying, “FREE!”

So many folks here have lemon trees showering them with more fruit than they know what to do with. Some people (me), guilty at the thought of throwing out food, try dumping the excess on friends and co-workers in the hope someone else will turn them into the gallons of lemonade and piles of pie they were meant to be.

Don’t you dump your lemons in a bowl too! I mean sure, fine, do it occasionally, but we can come up with some other things to do with our lemons, right?

I have a few ideas to share…coming soon.

– Christin