Last Minute Christmas Evergreen Spray

Finished evergreen spray with a ribbon bow hanging on our front door.

I am always, always last minute about Christmas. In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this I’m going to finally do a little Christmas shopping.

Step 1: Collect Materials:

Evergreen Branches
Pruning Shears

Fir tree branches, ribbon, string, scissors, pruning shears.

I knew I had ribbon somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. In the end I popped in to JoAnn fabrics and bought a roll of of Christmas ribbon on sale. The original ribbon price was $3.99, the sale price was 1.59 (60% off), the total with tax: $1.75.

The branches had been sitting on the front porch for weeks, trimmed from the bottom of the Christmas tree so that the tree would fit in the stand.

The string is kitchen twine, the only string I have. I like multi-purpose string.

Tie the fir branches together in a fan shape with string and trim the ends of the branches.

Step 2: Tie the fir branches together in a fan shape with the string, and trim the ends of the branches so that they are even with each other.

Make a ribbon bow. Begin by looping the ribbon and tying it in the center with string.

Step 3: Make a ribbon bow. My mother is a genius at this. Me, not so much.

Loop the ribbon four or five times loosely around your hand leaving about 8 inches of ribbon as a tail. Next tie the loops together in the center with about 8 inches of string.  Trim off the ribbon tail and tie the piece of cut ribbon around the loops, covering the string. Keep the trailing string at the back of your bow.

Fan out the ribbon loops to make the bow shape, twisting the loops as you pull them apart. Twisting helps separate the loops from each other. Finish by trimming the ribbon ends. I like to cut the ends on a diagonal.

Picture shown the fanned out the loops of ribbon making a bow.

Step 4: Tie the bow to the spray using the string, and then tie the ends of the string to make a loop for hanging. Now, hang it on your door! If anyone tells you your evergreen spray looks ‘lopsided’, ‘shapeless’, or ‘rough’, roll your eyes and tell them it is, “Rustic”.

Finished evergreen spray with a ribbon bow hanging on our front door.

– Christin

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